Hyperfind queries

Hyperfind A search engine that filters and selects groups of employees through queries that specify conditions or locations (criteria). is a search function that managers use within various system components to find employees who match specified search criteria. For example, in the Employee Summary page, managers click Select Timeframe and Select Hyperfind to display the appropriate employees as of the selected date. The results of the query depend on the manager's access rights as well as the employees the manager can access. For example, managers with the appropriate access rights can also click Create Hyperfind within the Hyperfind drop-down box to modify or create Hyperfind queries in the Hyperfind Editor.

You can create the following types of Hyperfinds:

  • Home Employees — A Hyperfind that is used to define additional criteria for the home employees in a manager's employee group. Home Employees Hyperfinds can be assigned to managers in People Information (Manager Role-General or Manager Role-Assignments) when assigning the manager's employee group.
  • Ad hoc — A temporary Hyperfind that only you can use. When you log off, the Hyperfind is deleted.
  • Personal — The Hyperfind is saved and available for reuse, but only you can access it. To assign a personal Hyperfind to other people, see Query Manager.
  • Public — The Hyperfind is saved and available for reuse and others can access it.
Hyperfind Type Permanent Visibility
Home Employees Yes Everyone
Ad hoc No You only
Personal Yes You only
Public Yes Everyone

The system includes default Hyperfind queries as well as an interface that enables you to create and modify queries.