Location Schedule - Monthly report

This report shows monthly schedules for employees by location to provide an overview of the long-term plan. It displays all the people scheduled to work and their scheduled shifts in the selected location. Open shifts and pay code edits are also shown.

Shifts are listed using labels, if a label has been assigned; otherwise, shifts are indicated by start time. Shift labels Replaces start and end times in the schedule with a compact, easier-to-read label. Example: Shift times are 4PM-12:30AM, and the shift label is Evening. are displayed in their entirety if the report is run for 20 days or less; otherwise, shift labels are truncated to five characters.

The report displays up to 28 days per page. If the report is run for more than 28 days, the remaining days are included on the next page. If there are less than 28 days shown on a page, columns are auto-sized to fit the page.