Configure Time Off-Only Managers

Some organizations need to give users in a manager role the ability to enter time off on behalf of employees directly in the Schedule Planner while also restricting their ability to perform other scheduling activities, such as adding shifts. One common use of this configuration is to support human resources (HR) managers responsible for managing long-term or medical leaves: these HR managers need to be able to add a leave or submit a leave request, but they should not be allowed to otherwise modify an employee’s schedule. In UKG Pro Workforce Management, such managers are referred to as time off-only managers.

The process for configuring time off-only managers is summarized here:

  1. Enable the Allow Enter Time Off in Schedule Planner without Schedule Access Edit ACP feature switch.
  2. Configure a time-off request Request subtypes that employees use to request time off for vacation, illness or recovery, appointments, personal time, or other absences. Time-off requests can be configured to support many different employment scenarios. subtype with the desired Enter Time Off Auto Approval setting.
  3. Create a department manager Function Access Profile (FAP) with only Schedule Access, Schedule Views, Enter Time Off , and Enter Time Off in a signed off period Access Control Points (ACPs).
  4. Assign the new FAP to managers who need only to submit time-off requests on behalf of employees in the Schedule Planner.

Each of these steps is described in detail in the following sections.

Note: Review all of the steps in this topic before making any changes to your system's configuration.